Solar services is our company's number one priority.  We help our customers to become energy independent from power companies.

Electricity Brokerage

Another popular service we offer is electricity brokerage.  The electricity brokerage helps our customers to get a better rate for their electricity usage. However, this service is only available in Texas.

Natural Gas Brokerage

The natural gas service is only available in California by our company.  We have the ability to negotiate a better rates for our customer's natural gas usage.

Earning Your Trust

At Just Solar Services, we will work hard to earn your trust.  We believe trust is the one of our top priorities before starting any business endeavor with a customer.  We will work with you and explain everything in detail to earn your trust before you sign any agreements with us.

Saving You Money

We believe in saving money when it comes to working with our customers.  Saving money is important because it puts hard earned cash back in our customers' pockets.  Every penny that we save for our customers, count toward something; whether it's for a vacation or something important.

Next Steps...

Please give us a call for a quick consultation while our prices for solar panels are still low.  Or if you prefer email, our email is