Broker/Channel Marketing Program

Solar brokers play a critical role in the solar procurement process for many end-use solar customers. We get that and we strive to get our solar brokers all the tools they need to manage their client’s solar needs from initiating the sales process to managing the entire project until completion

What you get with us:

  • A dedicated, internal sales advocate
  • Competitive pricing for solar systems
  • Speed and agility when it comes to credit checks and solar system pricing
  • Customer-friendly contracts which are easy to read, easy to explain and easy to negotiate to fit your client’s unique needs

Why Just Solar Services

Our systems, flexibility, financial strength and ability to deliver what your clients want most… unsurpassed value with a personal touch.

What are we looking for?

Solar Professionals who:

  • Attend to client needs before their own
  • Care about their reputation, the reputation of the companies they work with and the reputation of the industry they work in

Ready to join us?

Become a Just Solar Services broker by clicking below and filling out the form: