Our Approach

At Just Solar Services, we are known for our outstanding customer service we provide.  We truly believe that our customers are the ones who make our company successful.  The first thing we strive to understand is our customers’ needs and their perspectives when we meet for a one on one consultation.  We put ourselves in our customers’ positions when we make decisions. Furthermore, we work closely with licensed contractors to get your solar system installed and we also work with licensed engineers to obtain permits from your local municipality.  What our customers like about us here at Just Solar Services is that we listen to them.  Listening and paying close attention to what our customers want and need is key, so we can design a solution that tailors  specifically to everyone of them individually.  Often we send out surveys to ask our customers for feedback, so we can create a more customer centric company to better serve in the solar industry.  At Just Solar Services, our number one competitive advantage is that we don’t stop communicating with our customers after the sales and installed are final.  We continue a close relationship with them, as friends and partners to help the world to become a better place for our next generation through solar.

Our Story

Just Solar Services started from the idea that everyone should be able to live independently from electricity companies by having their own solar system.  This idea drove our company creators to start a solar company to offer affordable solar systems to end users so they may be independent from power companies.  The days of electricity companies ruling the power business are coming to an end.  Customers will soon realize that going solar can save them substantial amount of money, as well as knowing they are helping to protect the environment.  We will continue to ask our customers as to why continue to pay an electricity bill, it gives them nothing in return.  But, if they switch to a solar system, keep it for 30 years, and it helps increase their home value!  The best part is the payment for the solar system may be less than most customers’ electricity bills.  It’s a win for customers to  own that solar system and then having their homes increase in value.

When customer chooses us to help with their solar project, they can rest assure that we will provide the best quality of service.  We have over 10 years of experience in electricity and natural gas industries. We have partnered with the best contractors who have done thousands of solar installations from Louisiana, California, and all the way to Europe.  We have been through the highs and lows as a consumer in the electricity realm; when Enron was spiking up electricity prices in California in the early 2000's.  It’s time for us to protect ourselves from this tragedy in the future, by having our own solar systems to generate our power.

Next Steps...

Please give us a call for a quick consultation while our prices for solar panels are still low.  Or if you prefer email, our email is