Every Solar Power Project is unique to our company, as well as our customers.  We'd like to sit down and have a Face to Face with our customers to discuss all the details involved and find the best solutions to fit their specific needs.

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After our consultation, we will move forward to the designing and permitting process for your solar system to be installed on your roof.  The design will include components of the solar system, along with where the solar system will be installed.

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We begin your solar system installation during this stage. You should be enjoying your solar system very soon!  We know you are eager to flip the switch for your solar system to start generating power.  However, we ask that you allow us or our contractors to complete all the installations and inspections before you do so.

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Our Uniqueness

One thing that is unique about our company is that we have a diverse workforce where we can learn from each other.  We truly believe in diversity as well as the value it brings to our company.  We take these values seriously and work tirelessly to make our company a better place to work for everyone.

Our philosophy is “Do onto others as you want others do onto you”.  We stand behind this quote and we drill this quote daily to our service department.  It’s all about treating others the way you want to be treated and see things from other people’s perspective.



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Next Steps...

Please give us a call for a quick consultation while our prices for solar panels are still low or if you prefer email, our email is